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Are you currently trying to find cheap Gonal-F? That makes sense considering that In-Vitro Fertilization is one the most costly medical procedures you could undergo, leading many to search for options to buy these medications cheap. Gonal-F is one of the most expensive drugs used in IVF, and when coupled others in the procedure, the overall cost can end up being very high. Many hopeful parents who are battling with infertility simply can’t afford to pay these prices, which potentially could amount more $5,000 for merely just one IVF cycle, according to the National Infertility Association (The Costs of Infertility Treatment, 2006).

If you are trying to significantly reduce the cost of your IVF medication, is developed to provide the best prices available, by searching through a selection of high quality pharmacies. However, does not only find great deals, it is also a reliable source for IVF drug information. Our site offers ideas to keep costs cheap, Gonal-F included—provided that you know the right questions to ask:

Will my insurance cover my IVF procedure?

One of the first things you should do is start investigating whether your state requires insurance companies to cover In-Vitro Fertilization. A lot of states, unfortunately, do not offer this type of insurance coverage. If you are fortunate enough to live in one of the 15 states that do, educate yourself on its laws to know its benefits and limitations. You could find that your infertility treatment is covered, or at least for a limited number of cycles.

If you live in a state without IVF insurance coverage, the best course of action is to start comparing prices from various pharmacies in order to buy the drugs yourself. Our search feature can help you in that process.

Where can I find affordable IVF medication?

There are many different places to buy discount IVF medication, which is as much a problem as it is a solution. Finding the best prices can be an overwhelmingly experience because of the many options available. Ask your IVF coordinator to help you, and also start browsing the local and mail-order pharmacies to compare medication costs. These approaches are not always the best method, however, as it may take some time to form a comprehensive list of prices to choose from. Additionally, it may even end up costing you if the pharmacy you select does not provide the lowest prices on medication. Our search feature conveniently gathers all of the pricing information, in order for you to make an informed decision. Become your own best advocate, but do so effectively.

Does my clinic have programs to help with my IVF prescription costs?

Fertility clinics regularly supply free samples to their patients, although the quantity may not meet your needs. Also, they may not have the specific medications or different ingrediants you require either. Ask your physician or IVF coordinator whether your center offers medication samples.

Donated medications are also an option. They are donated by women who have already undergone IVF and have usable medications left over. Ask your nurse if there donation programs available; however, even if your clinic has this program, it is most likely that you will have to acquire the majority of them on your own.

Are there other programs that can help pay for my IVF procedure and medications?

There are a couple of non-profits that give grants for IVF cycle, but unfortunately the chances of receiving one is low and the competition steep. Even if you do win a grant, most of them do not cover all the expenses attributed to IVF.

To increase your chances, apply for as many grants as you are eligible; although, you should play it safe and have a backup strategy. One of the best ways to succeed is just to boost your month-to-month financial savings in order to purchase the IVF medications on your own. This can be accomplished through a series of small lifestyle changes, which could monetarily add up to be significant over time. You can speed up the process by purchasing discounted IVF drugs.

IVF Meds provides a large selection of specialty pharmacies to choose from, giving IVF patients the very best service and competitively priced medications. To start saving money on your Gonal-F cost, click here.


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