Letrozole Cost

One of the least expensive medications used in IVF is Letrozole. Cost for the drug may seem very affordable, but when used with other medications taken over the course of In-Vitro Fertilization, the total amount can be end up being quite high. For some intended moms and dads dealing with infertility, paying this is simply impossible, making their dream of parenthood just that. In fact, when combined with all the drugs required for just one IVF cycle, including Letrozole, cost for IVF medications can exceed $5,000, according to the National Infertility Association (The Costs of Infertility Treatment, 2006).

If you are struggling to have children, don’t despair because of how much Letrozole cost in conjunction with other IVF medications. There are many viable options available to help with the expenses, if you first know the right questions to ask:

What is the first step I should take to pay for my IVF medications?

You should start by investigating whether your state requires insurance coverage for In-Vitro Fertilization. After all, the best way to keep the costs of your IVF medications manageable is to have someone else pay for them. In most states, however, this is not the case; however, you could live in one of the 15 states that are currently required under the law to provide IVF coverage or pay for a limited amount of IVF cycles.

If you live in a state without mandatory insurance benefits for In-Vitro Fertilization, you may need to get creative. Start by using Ivfmeds.org to reduce your Letrozole cost as much as possible. Our tool finds the best prices available by searching through a large selection quality pharmacies.

Where can I get IVF medications for cheap?

You need to shop around just as you would for any other kind of good or service for the best deal. The price of IVF drugs greatly depends on the distributor. You could ask your doctor or IVF coordinator to help you find the best prices on fertility medication. In the end, however, it is best take matters into your own hands and start comparing the prices of local and mail-order pharmacies. If you want to cut out the middle man, our tool gathers all of the pricing details for you. With this information, you are more equipped to make a better decision and get the best deals possible.

Can my IVF clinic help me reduce my Letrozole cost?

One way to save money is by taking advantage of the medication samples that drug companies provide to the fertility clinics. The only drawback is that some clinics may not have the exact medications, ingredients, or the right amount to meet your protocol’s requirements. In order to reduce your overall IVF cost through samples, ask and find out what is offered by your clinic.

Some fertility clinics also have donated medication programs, which are generously provided for by women who have previously gone through IVF and have had usable IVF medications left over. Even if your clinic does provide you with donated IVF medications, however, you will more than likely still need to purchase the bulk of them yourself.

Are there grants or other programs that can help me?

These days, there are over a couple of non-profits that offer grants for IVF cycles. Most of them do not cover the cost of the IVF medications, and, as with most giveaways, your chances of receiving one is low due to the high number of people applying for them.

It is recommended that you apply to as many grants as you are eligible, in order to maximize your chances of winning; however, in conjunction with applying, you should have a backup plan. One surefire way of reaching your goals is to purchase the IVF medications yourself. This will undoubtedly be expensive, but it can be accomplished by boosting your monthly savings through a series of small changes to your lifestyle. A few dollars saved here and there can quickly add up to something significant, and in choosing to purchase discounted IVF medications, you can reach your goals sooner than you think.

IVF Meds provides a large selection of specialty pharmacies to choose from, giving IVF patients the very best service and the lowest costing medications. To start saving money on your Letrozole cost, click here.


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