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Finding free Ganirelix for your fertility treatment may be difficult, but it is certainly not impossible. We know that many hopeful intended parents cannot afford to pay for the burdensome expense of IVF medications, which could amass to more than $5,000 for just one IVF cycle—according to the National Infertility Association (The Costs of Infertility Treatment, 2006). There are, however, some great options available, like medical donation programs, non-profit grants, and by purchasing discounted medications. Don’t forget to check your insurance plan and examine the terms, in order to take advantage of the benefits.

Does my insurance offer free Ganirelix?

One of the very first things you should look into is whether or not your insurance covers in-vitro fertilization and its necessary medications. As of now, only 15 states make this kind of coverage available; however, if you are fortunate, your infertility treatments may be fully covered, or at least covered for a limited portion of your IVF cycles.

Since only a small number of states offer these kinds of options, it is likely you will have to purchase the drugs yourself. Maximize your savings by choosing as your number one search tool for discounted IVF medications.

Where can I find discounted IVF medication?

There are many places to find IVF medications—so much so, that the search can easily become overwhelming and confusing. You could ask your IVF coordinator, nurse, or IVF coordinator to assist you in finding good pricing options, or perhaps search local and mail-order pharmacies. This process, however, can quickly become daunting because of the time it would take to compile a comprehensive list of medication costs. This is not to mention the fact that the pharmacy you choose may not offer you the lowest prices available. can give you the ability to search through a wide selection of pharmacies at the click of a button.

Does my clinic offer free Ganirelix, or can it reduce the cost of my IVF medication?

If your clinic has any IVF medication that has been donated by pharmaceutical companies, you could ask your nurse. If they do offer this kind of service, it is likely that there will be an insufficient amount available, or they will not have the exact kinds of IVF medications or ingredients to fit your specific needs.

IVF medications, like free Ganirelix, are also sometime made available through donation programs, charitably provided by women who have already undergone the IVF process and had usable drugs left over. Ask your nurse if your clinic offers donated medication, but be aware this may only supplement a portion of your costs. You will need to purchase most of them yourself, and for that is there to give you the most options at the best prices.

Are there other programs outside of the clinic, like grants, that can help me obtain free Ganirelix?

There are a large number of non-profit organizations willing to fund your IVF procedure, but unfortunately most of them do not pay for the cost of IVF medications. And, as with most giveaways, your chance of winning a grant is very low due to the high number of people applying for them.

It is recommended that you apply to as many grants as you are qualified, in order to maximize your chances of winning; however, with applying, you should have a backup plan. One surefire way to reach your goals is to pay for the IVF medications yourself. Though expensive, this can be accomplished by boosting your monthly savings through a series of small lifestyle changes. A few dollars saved here and there can quickly add up to something significant, and in choosing to purchase discounted IVF medications, you can reach your goals sooner than you originally thought. provides a large selection of specialty pharmacies to choose from, giving IVF patients the very best service, coupled with the lowest costing medications. To start saving money on Ganirelix, click here.


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